The Oneness Error Pt. 1 w/ Jamal Bandy – Polemical Edition

For our first video episode of the Polemical Edition, we have a special guest: Jamal Bandy from Prescribed Truth!

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We discuss the “Oneness Error” and the arguments that are usually presented to defend their false doctrine of Modalism and Baptismal Regeneration.  Listen to this episode as we discuss our experiences, background with Oneness Pentecostals and more important, the Scriptures that refute their false theology.   Oneness Pentecostals usually like to refer themselves as “Apostolics.” The two links below describe what they believe:

Baptismal Regeneration:… 

From “Some people maintain that only one of three divine persons, a second person who is called “God the Son,” came in flesh, but the Bible does not make such a claim; it simply says that God was manifest in the flesh. Jesus is not the incarnation of one person of a trinity but the incarnation of all the identity, character, and personality of the one God.” (…)

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