Ep. 25 – Reformed Faith and Assurance

In this episode, I introduce a new format for the podcast. I normally spend anywhere from 1-2 hours, maybe even 3 hours, per episode. Due to my tight schedule, I haven’t had the opportunity to record, edit and post as much in the last several months. One way to mitigate this is by recording shorter episodes with less editing. I hope my “ums” and stuttering won’t drive y’all away. 😉 I do want to get better at this, so I hope to practice more and more.

I also talk about the book I’m reading “The Assurance of Faith” by Louis Berkhof. I do plan on recording more of my thoughts on this excellent work. I’ve been working on the Saints Edified website so much and only have so little time to take care of other responsibilities. Please keep me in prayer as I juggle all these tasks. I can’t wait to see this ministry months from now, after all the foundational work is complete.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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