Ep. 33 – Christian Character in Ministry

This episode is about Christian character in ministry. I had the privilege of interviewing three faithful men who have demonstrated Christian conduct and character in midst of heavy discussions and situations. These are selected clips from my discussions/interviews with Eli Ayala, Rev. Randy Martin and Rev. Joel Ellis.

Clip #1 – Eli Ayala – Maintaining Christian Character in Apologetics & Evangelism https://youtu.be/4-UPdVhhiQo

Clip #2 – Rev. Randy Martin – Discussion with Rev. Randy Martin (12/14/2019) https://youtu.be/_WPLYXsvheQ

Clip #2 – Eli Ayala – Incarnational Apologetics? (That one time Dr. White rebuked me…) https://youtu.be/SG14r3brr9Y

Clip #4 – Rev. Joel Ellis – “When Members Leave Your Church…” https://youtu.be/B-fxxAOlHPc

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