The Great Commission AND the Culture War (not OR)

As mentioned on many previous Gospel on Tap episodes, Gospel on Tap will be converting to Kingdom Polemics soon! As part of that endeavor, Pastor Aldo Leon has invited new members that will be participating in Kingdom Polemics. These reformed enthusiasts are: Johanna Roa, a member of Aldo’s church, Pinelands Presbyterian Church. Johanna has been an invited guest on previous Gospel on Tap episodes; Jesse Gomez, bringing the perspective of a reformed Chicano from Colorado Springs, CO. Jesse is the director and host of the podcast “Bible Theory Podcast” (; Jonathan Gonzalez, another former guest on Gospel on Tap, Jonathan comes to us with his reformed views from Nevada. Kingdom Polemics will continue to have a variety of content styles: teachings, panels, one-on-one interviews, pastoral reflections, and interactions with other voices in the Reformed World.

In today’s episode the participants will be speaking about the topic of the Great Commission and the Christian’s responsibilities in addressing the blatant rebellion to God’s law in our current secular society.

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