The Irony of Stephen Fry’s Complaint To God

If you’re familiar with English comedy, more than likely you’ve seen or heard of comedian, writer, and actor Stephen Fry. You may recognize him from the popular film “V For Vendetta” as the closeted homosexual and controversial TV host who is later targeted by the tyrannical government. Unlike his character in this movie, Fry is openly gay, married and an LGBTQ activist. To no surprise, he’s outspoken against religion and God as you can see in the video below:

Fry is obviously passionate and opinionated about religion and God, especially in the video clip above. However, there are many fundamental problems with his response on a philosophical level. In fact, there’s quite a bit of irony in this interview when you take the time to consider his overall answer. In this article, we will cover the self-refuting nature of the atheistic worldview that Fry holds. On the second part, we’ll examine his answer in light of logic.

Destroying Your Own Worldview 101

In an episode of Cosmos, famous astronomer, Carl Sagan once said, “We’re made of star-stuff.” Today, atheists echo that sentiment by affirming that humans are merely evolved stardust. Let’s suppose that to be true. Here is my question… From the atheistic perspective, what value does one speck of dust have over another speck of dust? Perhaps a more direct and specific question would be how does a human child have less or more value and worth over an insect, if both are mere stardust?

The late Christian apologist and professor, Dr. Greg Bahnsen, in a debate against atheist, Edward Tabash reduced the atheist worldview to absurdity this way: “In a godless universe, what one ‘animal’ does to other ‘animals’ is ethically irrelevant. There is no basis for indignation or outrage. What happens, happens: period.” In other words, there is absolutely no reason to be morally outraged in the atheistic worldview for “wrongdoing.” In that kind of reality, there is no standard for good or evil. Consequently, accusing someone or something of being “utterly, utterly evil” loses all significance.

Atheistic-naturalism says that we’re all mere stardust, specks in the universe with no inherent value or worth. Apart from subjective feelings and opinions, there’s no standard for morality. However, what we actually witnessed in this video was the opposite. We witnessed Mr. Fry destroying his very own atheistic worldview the moment he began to complain about what is “wrong” or “evil.” He goes as far as to say that banishing God makes human life “more worth living,” almost as if human life has real worth in the universe. The fact of that matter is, Mr. Fry refuted his own position the moment he expressed what is good or bad for humanity.

Perhaps the more humorous part of the interview was watching the host’s, Gay Byrne, facial expressions to Fry’s answer. What do you think the host was thinking at this moment? It didn’t seem like he was buying Fry’s reasoning very much. 😉

Part 2 Coming Soon…

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