VIDEO: The Canon & Sola Scriptura w/ Austin Reifel (Sippin’ On Theology)

Have you ever been challenged or asked to explain how we came up with our modern Bible? Do we have enough evidence to prove that the 66-book Protestant Bible has all the right books? Who made that decision to establish the Bible? We answer these questions and much more! You will not want to miss today’s podcast episode! I have a special guest for you this time. He is the host of the Sippin’ On Theology podcast, Austin Reifel.

He joins me to discuss the biblical teaching of the Canon and Sola Scriptura!

Shownotes and helpful links:Pt. 1 – The Canon
Sippin’ On Theology Podcast:
Dr. Michael J. Kruger’s “10 Things Every Christian Should Memorize about the New Testament”:…

Pt. 2 – Sola Scriptura
A Brief Overview of Sola Scriptura:…
The earliest list of the New Testament Books:…

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