What if young, theologically-aware men and women were encouraged to…

It seems like anytime a young man or woman is theologically aware, sound, & interested, those in the church push them to go to seminary. Which is a good option. But what if we encouraged them to also go to law school so they can enter the pulpits of the local, state, & national land. What if we encouraged them to go into the police academies so they can bring salt & light to the various departments.

What if we encouraged them to go into business school so they can create businesses that glorify God by blessing the cities & towns they’re in. What if we encouraged them to skip college & go into trade schools & come out with no debt & well paying careers. Seminary is great. But it’s not always the only, nor even the best, option for many theologically interested men & women.

Attribution: Anthony English’s Facebook Post.

Mr. English is actively involved in seminary and church work, which is why a post like this carries so much weight, in my opinion. Often times, we push our young, theologically-aware people to seminary and desire to see them involved in ministry, which is excellent! However, I can’t help but imagine the kind of impact the church would have if our young men and women carried their desire to learn and communicate God’s truth found in his word to the public sector. Awesome stuff, Lamont!

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